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“I don’t have the time, money or staff to stay up-to-date with new commercial real estate technology. CRE transactions are fundamentally driven by relationships anyway. Right?”

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) transactions are anything but simple. They are often complex, unique and historically have relied on long-standing relationships. But this doesn’t mean that relationships are a fundamental driver of the CRE industry, especially when it comes to inefficient aspects of transactions or operations.

While relationships are valuable, we shouldn’t ignore the role new CRE technology plays toward driving an increasingly efficient marketplace. Data is essential for efficiency and can define the success of a company. New technology is the tool to collect it.


“But won’t this new technology replace brokers?”

New tech is not designed to replace anyone in the CRE industry — especially not brokers, who are essential throughout the transaction process. New tech is designed to drive efficiency and competition in the marketplace, which will only refine transaction processes and enhance the role of brokers, and recruitment of new brokers, in the CRE industry.


“Who’s actually using new technology? It seems overwhelming.”

CRE as an industry has typically been a decade behind other industries in embracing technology. Companies assumed that real estate was different. That it was not as susceptible to change. During the last five years, though, this has changed.

41% of CRE firms are using automation to help them set and reach goals*

36% are using these technologies to create budgets and forecast their financial performances*

53% of commercial real estate firms are investing in at least one company that is developing real estate technology*

There is much data available today to CRE companies, data that can help streamline operations and boost efficiency. So much in fact, that it can be overwhelming.

That’s where THE HUB comes in.


Let us help you grow your business and don’t get left behind.

THE HUB is a fully staffed team with eight dedicated professionals who are experts in the commercial real estate industry. With full access to a web-based application, your back-office operation processes will be efficient, streamlined and provide tools to support agents, staff, and management. From pre-listing to signage inventory and revenue processing, check out all THE HUB services HERE.


*A report from Altus Group Limited, a provider of software and data solutions to the commercial real estate industry, surveyed 400 commercial real estate executives across the globe. And the results show that these executives are not resisting new technology.

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