Is Your Office Drowning?

As a team leader, you want your brokers to be out hunting for their next deal, but instead they are stuck in the office coordinating all the details on that sale they are trying to close – reviewing title work, talking to the lender and drafting extensions, assignments and much more.  Not to mention most days it feels like your team is drowning in paperwork.  How do you keep everything moving in the right direction and get your team back out in the field? You need back office support.


Get a support team in place

The years revenue goals are set, and your brokers are working hard to follow up on every lead.  However, there is simply too much time being spent on administrative tasks.  Your sales team should be rainmakers, not paper pushers.  Fortunately, these days there are various options to find help with your workflow.  You can hire a support person directly and devote the time needed to train and mentor your new team member.  Finding the right person who is skilled in all aspects of commercial real estate is crucial in keeping your office running.

However, if you find yourself too busy to advertise for the position, interview and train, there are other alternatives. Outsourcing is a growing option that many companies are turning to.  This option will allow you to quickly obtain back office support for your team and offers more flexibility as your company grows.  You also gain a team of experts in the business. This team can perform tasks such as property evaluations, marketing, graphic design, lease administration, closing coordination and more.


Use a cloud-based document management system

Every day the goal is to have your administrative processes running smoothly so that your brokers can keep moving without getting bogged down with clunky systems. New cloud-based systems can provide a sales team access to property information, marketing material, comp reports and their review.  Finding the right system that works for your team can be time intensive but having the right system in place can streamline all your processes.  At the end of the day you want to make sure you have a complete, searchable file at the end of every transaction.


Recruit, Train and Mentor

As a team leader, you’ve worked hard to build a rock star team.  However, at the end of the day how do you keep growing the team and the business? It is your responsibility to make sure everyone is productive; revenue numbers are where they need to be and there is still time set-aside to recruit new talent.  Trying to keep everything running smoothly takes hard work but having a support team of experts working with you and the right technology in place allows you to more than just keep your head above water – you can succeed.

Every success comes with a great plan.  Let us help you figure out the best strategy for your team, provide a cloud-based technology that is specifically designed for commercial real estate and lay the foundation for success in place for you today.  Contact The Hub today for a free demonstration.

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