Our Team Will Save You $$$ Off Your Bottom Line

Costs of running a commercial real estate firm continue to increase. Let us save you some money.

When you are trying to grow a successful commercial real estate business often there are days you spend juggling tasks, like sign inventory, property marketing, invoicing and much more that really should be passed off to someone else. It can be a huge task to lead your organization and keep all these time-sensitive projects moving forward.

Perhaps it is time to consider dropping the responsibility of your firm’s daily tasks that steal your time by outsourcing those tasks to a team of experts in commercial real estate. This can allow your company to stay focused on the big tasks (selling) while all of the administrative tasks that are needed to keep the company moving are handled through a full service, cloud-based brokerage platform to assist with marketing and transaction services.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Improves Efficiency and Saves Money
We can take the responsibility off you and your company, freeing up you your time while saving you money too. The national average for a three-person team that consist of a social media manager, graphic designer, content strategist costs an employer in the United States an average of $202,252 per year, not including software costs, insurance, and office space. Overall, outsourcing these services could save you over 68% per year in software and office space expenses, salaries, and employee insurance.

More Time to Focus on Leading Your Team

Rather than having one person handling the load, outsourcing gives you the opportunity to have a team of dedicated professionals, who specialize in commercial real estate services, understand the industry, and real estate law to help increase efficiency within your firm. When you are leading a team, time to focus can be hard to come by. Taking extremely time-consuming tasks off of your to-do list gives you time to spend on planning ahead and mentoring your team.

Get Projects to the Finish Line

Every business has busy periods and slow periods. Having a team of experts already in place makes it easier to manage the deadlines during these peak periods. When those time-sensitive tasks land on your plate, you no longer have to hire extra help or dedicate evenings to the task. This means you are able to maximize the money you spend every month on outsourcing and costs remain constant even when the demand for support is high.

Let us help you grow your business. The HUB is a fully staffed team with eight dedicated professionals who are experts in the commercial real estate industry. Our pricing structure includes full access to the web-based application, designed to streamline the back-office operation processes and provide tools to support agents, staff, and management. We concentrate on everything from pre-listing & listing, marketing services, sales transactions, and more. Check out all THE HUB services HERE.

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