Our Approach

Our approach is easy. Why have your best broker pushing paperwork when they can be in the community doing what they do best; selling. We believe in leveraging the strengths of individuals. Completing tasks efficiently, on time and in a cost effective manner can be a burden unless you have the assistance of a support team.

THE HUB is unique in that we offer a full service, cloud-based brokerage platform to assist with marketing and transaction services. We fulfill all facets of the commercial real estate transaction from pre-listing to commission distribution.

Meet the Team

We are a team of 9 professionals with over 130 years of combined experience. Our expertise is specific to graphic design, social media, digital marketing, data research and commercial real estate transactions. Our marketing, research and design experts possess the skills knowledge and creativity to make your company stand in the forefront of a competitive commercial real estate market.

Winslow Angel - hub3


Money Maestro

Angel coordinates your closings, reviews lease transactions and invoices, processes commissions and provides monthly account receivable updates.

Data Ninja


Data Ninja

Kasey chops through market data and helps manage any of your property changes. He ensures your listings are live on commercial real estate websites.

The Starter Kit


Starter Kit

From reviewing title work and providing a timeline to ordering surveys and ensuring earnest money is deposited, Pat puts the transaction process into motion.

Chief People Officer


Chief People Officer

Interested in THE HUB but have unanswered questions? Chris offers a thorough overview of our services, the process and gets the ball rolling.

Richardson Kennedy


Social Butterfly

Kennedy increases brand awareness through social networks. She develops and manages posts, creates engagement, and provides helpful social media analytics.

Director of First Impressions


Director of First Impressions

When you reach out to THE HUB, Sam is your point of contact. Sam handles sales, assists with on-boarding your team and manages operations.

Fairy Godmother of Valuations


Fairy Godmother of Valuations

From signage, presentation packages and investment analysis to evaluation and comparison reports, she takes care of all the details behind the scenes.

Creative Guru


Creative Guru

Through print and digital media, Maggie ensures your marketing is creative, competitive and in keeping with your firm's marketing strategy.

Technilogical Awesomeness


Technological Awesomeness

Tammy is up-to-date on the latest technology and how to best market your property. She understands web analytics and best practices to make you stand out.


Get in touch with one of our HUB team members to answer all of your questions and learn how we can help you meet your business needs.