Why not hire an additional staff member?

Using the back-office services provided by THE HUB costs less than an additional staff member.  Each person on the back-office team has specialized expertise that cannot be duplicated with the addition of just one team member – it would take multiple hires to match the resources THE HUB offers.

As a brokerage firm, do I own my data?

Any data that is provided or produced through a contract with THE HUB is owned by the client.

What is the term of the agreement?

12 month term with an option to terminate at the end of the term.

What happens if I leave?

Any proprietary data provided by a brokerage firm through a contract with THE HUB, or produced as part of the back-office services will be provided back to the firm.

How does the data get into your system?

Any data provided by a brokerage firm upon contracting for back-office services with THE HUB will be uploaded into a proprietary database for the client during the initial 60 days.  Data must be provided in an excel file matching the specified fields (correct upload format to be provided by THE HUB for use by client).

What is the turnaround time on the marketing?

Most projects can be completed within 2-3 business days from the time a request is submitted.

Will you be providing my data to other people in my market?

No. THE HUB only serves one brokerage firm per market and their information is kept confidential unless we are directed by the client to share the information.