New Generation of Marketing

While working through ideas for this article, one thread seemed to be consistent in my mind, “Time changes everything… or does it?”  Millennials won’t remember the unique advertising campaign launched by Burma-Vita Company for their Burma-Shave shaving cream. This family-run business based in Minneapolis, was a pioneer in U.S. outdoor marketing. The roadside campaign for Burma-Shave ran from 1925 through 1964 and each installation consisted of a series of six signs. The first five signs bared a single line of a jingle and the last sign featured the Burma-Shave logo that appeared in more than 42,000 individual signs in 7,000 locations in 45 states.

Now, the old Rule of Six has become the Rule of Seven – the number of times a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message before they’ll act.

Here we are today, relying on smart devices and applications such as Skype, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and blogs that are centered around the instant connection to people, ideas, information, goods and services. I hate to think we have forgotten about the most important tool in our toolbox – people. The individual or team you chose to be your partner through big decisions, such as a commercial real estate transaction, will make all the difference.

Navigating through site acquisitions, portfolio analyses and market trend or data research, takes a diverse and experienced team of professionals who will provide you with current and accurate market intelligence. Here at The Hub, we help uncover hidden opportunities before they reach the marketplace, assemble a cost analysis to support a negotiating position and assist throughout your real estate decision-making process. We are ready to join you as your advisor.

But how can our message be heard through all the noise?

Maybe it is as simple as following our mission statement:

We are a community-minded Commercial Real Estate company that builds wealth for our clients though the delivery of world-class Brokerage services, Property Management and Development.” We do what we say, and most importantly, we listen to our clients.

As you travel down the road of commercial real estate, navigating your way through the noise – it may be as simple as reading the signs: Integrity, Knowledge, Responsiveness, Commitment, Personal Connection, Community-Minded.

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